Does Acne Laser Treatment Buy You Clear, Fresh Skin?

When you’re battling the fight against blemishes, acne laser treatment could very well show some hopeful promise for your future. Whether you have acne that is restricted to the face or you have body acne that causes embarrassment and frustration, conventional treatment has often been slow and inconsistent.

With acne laser treatment, the initial results are looking good. Most patients that underwent such therapies found that in a single visit their blemishes were reduced by at least 37%. Within three visits there was an 85% reduction in noticeable breakouts. Within 4 to 5 treatments, most patients had cleared up their acne and were able to live a clear skin lifestyle.

acne laser treatmentThere are two kinds of laser treatments available for acne. Diode laser treatments have the better running results and have been able to provide patients with the most benefit at this time. However, some patients responded very well to pulsed dye laser treatments.

Both of these acne laser treatments come with few side effects. A topical is applied to prevent discomfort and the post treatment care is relatively simple. A little bit of swelling or initial redness was noted after treatment although it dissipated quickly.

Of course, one must consider that while acne laser treatment is still an evolving and emerging new option it is proving to be more effective than creams and topical applications, and has considerably fewer potential side effects than antibiotic therapy.

Most patients have found that even while treatment takes a few weeks to complete, the initial results show near immediate improvement. With the social frustrations that often accompany acne, this could turn out to be a medical marvel in the treatment of the most common skin condition in the world.

Nobody wants to live with acne if they don’t have to. Every year billions of dollars are spent worldwide on varying treatments for acne. It is a constant battle for some people, and one that can be hard fought but seldom won. It often requires a combined treatment plan to get the skin cells to remain free and clear of blemishes. Acne laser treatment and acne scar laser treatment are often prescribed right alongside other treatments in order to help diminish any and all future signs of a break out.

The procedure is gaining popularity and therefore it is becoming easier to find dermatologists that can perform the routine therapy. With time and more invested studies, there is little doubt that acne laser treatment therapy will be the single most effective weapon one has against break outs.